This is a list of the console commands that exist in the game. They can be used directly in the console or bound to keys.

Admin commands

These commands require (super)admin status or access to the server console.

ttt_roundrestart: Triggers the round to restart, will go immediately to a new round in the form of a new preparation phase. Also works if cheats are enabled (useful for mapping/development).

ttt_print_traitors: Prints who the traitors are.

ttt_print_adminreport: Prints who killed who.

ttt_print_damagelog: First enable the convar ttt_log_damage_for_console (set to 1) to enable damage logging. Then use this command to print out the log of the current round. Note that this is a lot of data.

ttt_print_usergroups: Prints everyone’s usergroup (admin, superadmin, etc), for debugging Gmod admin status.

ttt_highlight_admins: Set to 0 to make admins not appear gold/yellow on the scoreboard.

General commands

These can be used by anyone during a game. Note that most of these are either already available under a key or are pretty specific. You don’t need any of this to play the game.

ttt_version: Prints current version number.

ttt_dropweapon: Will drop your current weapon. By default the key that would open the GMod spawn menu (default Q) instead performs this action. You can manually bind it to other keys using this concommand.

ttt_equipswitch: Switches to slot 7 (your special equipment weapon) if you have one. If you have that weapon out, it will instead switch to your previous weapon. So you can quickly toggle to your equipment and back. By default the noclip key (default V) will perform this command if sv_cheats is off (else it will noclip you).

ttt_quickslot [slot number]: Switches to the given weapon slot without having to use the scroll menu. Switches to previous weapon if you already have the slot’s weapon out, so the ttt_equipswitch command functions the same as ttt_quickslot 7.

ttt_toggle_disguise: Toggles your Disguiser equipment if you have bought it as Traitor. Default key is Numpad Enter, this command can be used to rebind it.

ttt_spectate: Moves you onto the spectator team. You will not spawn as Terrorist until you use “ttt_spectate 0” to turn this off again. Recommended you use the checkbox in the settings menu under F1 instead.

ttt_print_playercount: Prints the number of players that were alive at the start of the round.

Debug/development commands

These commands are useful when creating a map, rearm script or working on the code. All of them require sv_cheats to be enabled, so they will obviously not work in normal gameplay.

ttt_force_terror: Forces you to spawn as a Terrorist. Cheat.

ttt_force_traitor: Forces your role to Traitor. Cheat.

ttt_force_detective: Forces your role to Detective. Cheat.

ttt_cheat_credits: Gives you many equipment credits. Cheat.