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Upcoming fixes and a new domain

posted Mar 5, 2013, 12:38 PM by Bad King Urgrain
Here's some quick TTT news:
This rather fitting domain has been very kindly donated by Kooby of the gaming community Thanks to him you'll arrive here via (or at least as soon as your local DNS updates). Pretty cool!

Upcoming fixes/enhancements
So far all the TTT releases in the GMod 13-era have been bugfixes-only. For the most part that will remain true, but I am planning one more significant feature for the near future. I want to make it easier to integrate (Lua-based) voting systems, so we can regain some of the easy map voting we lost when Fretta was scrapped. This will manifest in the form of more hooks in TTT so coders can easily start votes and decide which map to play next.

No release date for that, but it should be weeks rather than months. If you have other good ideas for hooks, be sure to post them on the forums.