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Trouble in Terrorist Town v290110

posted Jan 30, 2010, 1:27 AM by Bad King Urgrain
Changelog for v290110:

- Traitor Equipment menu improvements:
  • Made it use nicer icons (most of which were already used in the body search results + some new ones). Standard spawn icons will still be used for items that do not have a nice icon (such as custom stuff added by a server).
  • Made items that are not buyable (because you're already carrying one etc) be a darker shade.
  • Made menu taller, and extended the descriptions of most items.

- Weapon balancing:
  • Removed death scream for silenced pistol bodyshot kills
  • Increased Poltergeist ammo from 5 to 6 shots
  • Slightly reduced Teleporter loudness

- Score balancing:
  • Identifying a body now gives a point
  • Traitor team bonus now only rewards half a point per dead innocent instead of a full point (total is rounded up)

- Made health text on target ID stand out more compared to karma text.

- Added setting that makes target ID more minimalist, showing only the target's name, coloured in accordance to his health, rather than separate health text and karma text.

- Added setting that disables crosshair entirely, for those who enjoy pain.

- Fixed possessed object names not showing for everyone after round end.

- Fixed crowbar impact effect spam (finally)

- Minor Karma balancing: reverted kill penalty to original amount, and increased traitor hurting/killing reward a bit further.

- Behind the scenes:
  • Moved to gmod's bitwise operators for damage type checking instead of custom method (had their existence been more obvious I never would have had to make a custom method! joy). Small performance improvement.
  • Removed dependency on the gmod CS:S Lua addon (servers still need to install CS:S for the models etc)

Trouble in Terrorist Town v290110