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Trouble in Terrorist Town v250210

posted Feb 25, 2010, 11:08 AM by Bad King Urgrain
Changelog v250210:

- DNA Sampler now displays more information on HUD about the crosshair target, including an ID number. This ID is also shown in the tooltips of collected item samples. You can use this to determine whether a certain sample is from a certain gun.

- DNA Sampler can now retrieve dead player's DNA from their corpse.

- Improved DNA Sampler's message about number of samples collected from a weapon. It only displayed the number of new samples it found, but did not tell you that, which was confusing. Now it states the number of new samples collected more clearly, and also notes the number of samples it ignored because you already have them (so you know if someone used the weapon since last time you checked).

- Fixed DNA Sampler's matches of item samples to players going out of sync after removing an item.

- Fixed DNA Sampler showing a green crosshair over items that can not have DNA samples on them, like ammo boxes. It will now be red as it should.

- Added ttt_logic_role entity for mappers. Can be used to test the role (detective/innocent/traitor) of the !activator. It's in the FGD, so see documentation of the fields in Hammer for info on how to use it. The included ttt_traitorchecker.vmf example map also includes an example of it.

Trouble in Terrorist Town v250210