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Trouble in Terrorist Town v250110

posted Jan 25, 2010, 11:11 AM by Bad King Urgrain
Changelog for v250110:

- Added Teleporter traitor weapon:
  * Primary fire to mark a location, secondary fire to teleport to the last marked location. Ammo for four teleports, but you can mark infinite times.
  * You are frozen while the teleport occurs, which takes about three seconds, and you can be shot during that time.
  * After teleporting, both places will get a marking on the ground showing there was a teleport there (it's the quantum particles).
  * If, since you marked it, a prop has been placed on the marked location, you will die if you teleport back there.
  * If a player is blocking the destination, he will be telefragged instead of you.
  * If a traitor with a teleporter dies, anyone can pick it up. Looks like a camphone.

- Fixed Lua error on shotgun in certain semi-random situations

- Added scorch decal on the ground when burning a body.

- After round ends, all players can see who is possessing a prop, rather than only spectators.

- The myinfo_bytes setting on clients is set to 1024 if it is below 1000 (which it is by default). This should help prevent buffer overflows.

Trouble in Terrorist Town v250110