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Trouble in Terrorist Town v25

posted Apr 16, 2011, 6:57 AM by Bad King Urgrain
Version 25 was released with GMod 117/118.

New features
  • Server tags: TTT servers now get some automatic tags with info about them, a bit like in TF2. There are tags for: the version number, whether custom weapons exist, whether the gamemode has been modded (or only the knife), which language is the server default (if not english), and whether it runs "vanilla" (= no modifications or custom weapons, karma and haste mode enabled).
  • Spectators can press WALK+USE while targeting a corpse to look through its eyes.
  • During pre- and post-round phases it now shows the time until the next phase begins (ie. until the round starts and until a new one starts, respectively).
  • Radar blips now become more transparent when you're aiming near them, so they don't obscure your vision.

  • Fixed how C4 would remain carryable after being armed, if it was armed while the bomb was airborne. This allowed players to carry armed C4.
  • Fixed DNA Scanner sometimes still repeating a scan after the auto-repeat box was unchecked.
  • Locational 3D voice is now automatically disabled after a round ends until the next one starts. Makes talking to spectators easier.
  • Fixed language files not loading if the gamemode folder was not called "terrortown".
  • Fixed Lua error when (somehow) receiving a broken radiocommand.

  • Scripted entities can now also set ENT.AutoSpawnable to true. They will be spawned by random ammo spawns (though the entity doesn't have to be ammo).

  • Damagelog now shows milliseconds.
  • Damagelog now shows it when a player damages a health station.

This GMod update was rushed out after an engine update broke the game. There are still some bugs in there that affect TTT, like corpses not showing a name when aiming at them. These are bugs in gmod and/or the engine, I can't fix them.