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Trouble in Terrorist Town v240410

posted Apr 24, 2010, 11:21 AM by Bad King Urgrain   [ updated Apr 24, 2010, 11:25 AM ]
Changelog for v240410:


- Health Station and Beacon can now only be bought once per round.

- Health Station rebalanced: can no longer be carried, and slowly recharges its healing points.

- After dropping a gun or throwing a grenade, you will now always switch to the Holstered weapon as opposed to your previous gun (which could be a traitor weapon).

- The "Search for unspent credits" hint now only appears for Traitors/Detectives when they are near a corpse.


- Fixed certain entities appearing to teleport when pushed.

- Fixed scoreboard breaking when ttt_sherlock_mode was 0.

- Fixed Lua error when non-player killed a player. Had no gameplay effects.

- Fixed "Search for unspent credits" hint showing for spectators.

- Fixed DNA Sampler not behaving properly when used by a non-detective player. Also made minor tweaks to prevent Lua errors when dealing with bad data.

- Quadrupled knife damage to make sure it is always sufficient to kill (regardless of Karma settings or other damage modifications).

- Fixed the player vote indicators of the Fretta end-of-round vote not appearing after the first round.

- Weapons can only be picked up using the Magneto Stick from short range, because at longer ranges it could be used to induce unfixable physics crashes. Weapon carrying can be disabled entirely using ttt_weapon_carrying (def. 1), and the range can be configured using ttt_weapon_carrying_range (def. 50).


- Added informative warning in server console when CS:S does not appear to be mounted.

- Added ttt_no_nade_throw_during_prep (def. 0). If set to 1, disables grenade throwing during the preparation phase.

- Added fire graphics fallback for people who cannot see fire due to their old videocard. Must be enabled manually in the client settings tab of the F1 menu.

- Added entry in the round report and serverlog when someone picks up credits from a corpse.


- Special equipment is now much more modular, making it easier to create and share. All relevant values can be set in the SWEP script, making installion of extra equipment simply a case of putting the .lua file(s) in the right place. See /entities/weapons/weapon_tttbase/shared.lua for documentation on the stuff you should specify in your custom bomb belts and explosive puppy SWEPs.

- Released under open source license. This means you are now legally allowed to distribute modified versions of the gamemode as long as you include the /gamemodes/terrortown/LICENSE.txt file.