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Trouble in Terrorist Town v24

posted Mar 2, 2011, 3:03 AM by Bad King Urgrain
Version 24 came with GMod 113.

New features
  • Added gestures linked to some of the quickchat (radio) commands. Note that these are just graphical effects and won't prevent players from shooting while performing a gesture. In fact, you can disable the gestures by setting the convar ttt_show_gestures to 0. Other players will still see them, but you won't (like any other graphics setting).

  • Traitors get a lower team bonus on their score if they lose because the time limit is reached. The old team bonus could encourage traitors to prefer surviving and running down the clock, instead of attempting to accomplish their goals.

  • Fixed bug in the credit transfer command that could be exploited by traitors/detectives to give themselves more credits.
  • Fixed persistent karma not always resetting properly for players who get banned.
  • Fixed error in grenades if the thrower disconnects before it explodes.
  • Fixed C4 and smoke grenades exploding even after the round has ended, which could cause their effects to occur right when the new round starts.
  • Fixed visleaf problems (invisible parts of the map) when spectating a player who is far from your place of death.
  • Traitors no longer see other traitors who are traitor-chatting do the ear gesture.
  • Trying to drop ammo with insufficient bullets in your clip now shows a message instead of failing silently.
  • Health Station should now be easier to use when ammo is lying nearby. You don't have to aim directly at the station anymore as a result.

  • Added TTTPlayerRadioCommand hook, allowing you to prevent or override quickchat/radio commands sent by players. Info is available in the TTT hook documentation.

There is likely to be a v114 soon to fix some Lua errors in gmod. It won't contain TTT changes.