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Trouble in Terrorist Town v23

posted Feb 8, 2011, 2:15 PM by Bad King Urgrain
Version 23 was just released via GMod 112.

New features
  • Ammo can now be dropped with the Z key ("undo" in your keyboard settings). You drop a box containing the bullets in your current clip. Needs at least a quarter of your clip filled.
  • Added option to avoid becoming Detective. When enabled, the server will not make you Detective unless there are no other options. This does not make you more likely to be Traitor. Detectives are selected from the remaining Innocent player after Traitors have already been picked.
  • Added option to disable TTT's Fretta splash screen.
  • Player ragdoll behaviour when a player is killed should be a bit nicer (especially for non-bullet kills).
  • Spectators now see a nickname above all players, coloured according to their health.

  • Health Station now requires holding E (+use) to heal, similar to HL2 healing stations.
  • C4 now shows spark effects when destroyed, so you can distinguish a player destroying C4 from picking up C4.
  • HUGE now has a slightly smaller spread and fires slightly slower.
  • Silenced Pistol now has 20 bullets (like pistol and M16), so reloading it does not give you a suspicious ammo count. To balance, firing speed is now identical to the pistol.
  • When voice drain (voicechat battery) is enabled, the admin settings are now also applied to Detectives, meaning their battery lasts longer.

  • Fixed grenades sometimes exploding twice when cooked until the fuse is up.
  • Fixed blood created during Preparation still showing when the round starts.
  • Fixed number slot keys still opening the menu when fast weapon switch was enabled.
  • Fixed wrong attribution for kills caused by player A pushing player B onto player C. Previously player B would be blamed, now player A is (correctly) blamed for the death of player C.
  • Fixed wrong attribution for C4 when player A drops it and player B arms it. Player A was getting the blame, this has been fixed to be player B.
  • Fixed quickchat/radio commands showing up in the speaker's language rather than your own.
  • Fixed issues with using quickchat with an unidentified body as target.
  • Fixed some places where other text showed up wrong since the language system was added.
  • Fixed error in Last Words.
  • Fixed case where spectators could spectate a dead player.
  • Fixed NPCs targeting spectators sometimes.
  • Fixed DNA Scanner showing a spectator's position when scanning for a sample that points to a corpse that has been destroyed.
  • Fixed DNA Scanner auto-repeat setting resetting between gmod sessions. The sound cues setting now also saves.
  • Fixed Radio containing DNA when it should not.
  • Detective hats have been reworked, might be fixed now. Still default off.

  • ttt_spectator_spawn added. When a player dies and goes into roaming spectator mode, he will start out at this entity. For spectator rooms.

  • Custom events for in the Event Log are now much easier to add. See cl_scoring_events.lua.
  • SetPlayerModel(ply) is now a proper hook as it is in standard gmod, should make custom playermodel stuff easier.

  • Damagelog is now enabled by default.
  • Damagelog now shows timestamps with the time since start of the round, instead of start of the map.
  • ttt_damagelog_save (default 0): enable to save the damage log in a .txt on the server in /garrysmod/data/ttt/logs/