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Trouble in Terrorist Town v220110

posted Jan 22, 2010, 5:13 AM by Bad King Urgrain
Changelog for v220110:

- Karma related:
  • ttt_karma now enabled by default.
  • Added Karma information to help and tutorial.
  • Slightly increased both the teamkill penalty and the bonus for killing a traitor as innocent.

- Fixed randomly occurring error spam when near an armed C4.

- Reduced how much a gun flies around when its owner dies.

- Round report window now stays up until the next round properly begins, rather than automatically closing as soon as the preparation phase starts.

- Made all kill events in the round report event list of the form "X was killed by Y", instead of "Y killed X", to be consistent with how other events are listed.

- Added award for killing someone with a knife as innocent, and made some minor tweaks to a few other awards/highlights.

- Everyone is muted for a second before and after a round restart (map cleanup etc). There's a (small) chance this helps against net buffer overflow errors. You can't really talk at that point anyway because everyone lags a bit as the map reloads.

- Improved spawn location randomisation.

- Experimental: spawn waves, via ttt_spawn_wave_interval (default 0)
  • When 0, spawns everyone at once as usual.
  • When larger than 0, spawns in waves of as many players as there are spawnpoints. Delay in seconds between waves is equal to the convar value.
  • If there are enough spawns for everyone on the server, everyone will spawn at once.
  • The preparation phase must be long enough to fit all the waves, so increase ttt_preptime_seconds if weird things happen.
  • Players who join during prep. will still spawn immediately (like after a new map loads).
  • As long as the players spawning move around after they spawn, this method should result in less spawning in walls and such on large servers.

Trouble in Terrorist Town v220110