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Trouble in Terrorist Town v22

posted Dec 19, 2010, 1:09 AM by Bad King Urgrain
Version 22 was shipped with GMod's emergency update 111.

  • The included rearm scripts for CS:S now have several Glock spawns.

  • Fixed languages not loading from the Lua cache properly. This meant they were not selectable by players even if they were installed on the server and present in the cache.
  • Fixed error spam when joining a server that does not have the language you have selected. It will now properly fall back to English.
  • While spectating your ragdoll after dying, you now can't switch out for a short time. This should prevent accidentally switching out because you were clicking to shoot when you died.

  • Custom entities can now set ENT.AllowPropspec = true, if you want to let players possess them.