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Trouble in Terrorist Town v21

posted Dec 15, 2010, 1:27 PM by Bad King Urgrain
Version 21 comes with GMod update 110 and everything is going to break aaa--

New features
  • New language/translation system. Allows switching between languages while playing, as well as setting a default language on the server. Guide on how to translate will be added to the site soon.
  • Improvements to the look and layout of certain HUD elements.
  • DNA Scanner ease-of-use improvements:
    • DNA Scanner now has auto-repeat enabled by default.
    • Scanner menu now remembers your selected sample, and selects the first sample you scan automatically.
    • If auto-repeat is enabled when you gather a new Killer's DNA sample from a corpse, the scanner will automatically start scanning for the killer.
    • Sample that was last scanned is now displayed differently from other samples.
  • Added setting to display your health status (eg. "Near Death") as other people see it.
  • Added ttt_print_playercount console command (not a cheat/admin), which prints the number of players that were present when the round started. Potentially useful if people have disconnected.

  • C4 owner now receives a message when his bomb is disarmed.

  • Fixed Glock wrongly flagging servers as having custom content.
  • Fixed more cases of thrown barrel kills being seen as suicide by the game.
  • Fixed players who were moved into spectator-only mode being unable to spectate players and possess props.

  • Damage log now has timestamps.

If you did not manually update to v20, check out that changelog as well, because those things will also be new.