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Trouble in Terrorist Town v20

posted Nov 23, 2010, 3:51 AM by Bad King Urgrain   [ updated Nov 23, 2010, 3:59 AM ]
Version 20 is a .zip release because it will be a few weeks until the next gmod update comes out.

New features
  • Traitors can now use the Magneto-stick to hang corpses on walls/ceilings (servers can disable with "ttt_ragdoll_pinning 0").
  • Added the Glock automatic pistol.
  • Carrying corpses is now easier, without allowing players to throw them.
  • You get a first person ragdoll view for a few seconds after you die.
  • When searching a body, there is now a "call detective" button that shows all detectives where the body is located.
  • An "X is innocent" radio command has been added.
  • When spectator, props possessed by other spectators now glow a bit.

  • Ironsights now have the weapon model positioned lower on the screen by default. This makes them more viable, because the model would often obscure what you were aiming at when shooting. If you prefer the old, more realistic ironsights, you can disable this change in the F1 settings.

  • Fixed flaregun scorch marks when removing a corpse often not showing up.
  • Fixed error if a C4 exploded after the person who planted it had disconnected.
  • Fixed how a barrel being thrown at a player, exploding and killing others, would cause the kills to be attributed to the player that was hit by the barrel. Now they are properly blamed on the thrower.
  • Fixed prop possession sometimes being possible for objects that were not physics props.
  • Fixed spectators being able to get on ladders in specific cases.
  • Fixed fretta map vote restarting while in progress.
  • Fixed exploit with "confirm death" command.

  • ttt_damageowner now works more reliably with physics-based traps.
  • Several TTT entities now print debug messages to the console when "developer 2" is set. (See note at the bottom of this post)

  • Innocent players can be allowed to hang bodies like Traitors can by default, if you enable ttt_ragdoll_pinning_innocent. I would not recommend this, as it reduces the impact of finding bodies on ceilings etc when everyone is doing it all the time.
  • ttt_no_prop_throwing (default 0) can be set to 1 to disable the slinging of props with the Magneto stick.
  • When ttt_fretta_mapvoting is enabled, the convar ttt_fretta_votegracerounds (default 0) sets the number of rounds before the "continue or start vote" vote comes up after a round. The standard fretta convar fretta_votegraceperiod, which sets the number of seconds instead of a number of rounds, now also affects that vote as it should.
  • sv_alltalk is now forced to 0 automatically.

Download TTT v20

NOTE 1: Servers will have to manually download and unzip the release to their server's garrysmod directory. If you use fastdl, you may also have to copy the contents of /gamemodes/terrortown/content/ into the root /garrysmod/ directory of the fastdl server. Otherwise, some new icons may show up as checkerboards. This is different from updates that come with gmod, because for those players will already get all the files through the update.

NOTE 2: Related to that, players may see the old detective beacon icon when "call detective" is used, instead of an updated version (because they have the same filename so gmod doesn't download the new one). This will fix itself when the next gmod update comes out.

NOTE 3: Mappers cannot install this version on their gmod copy: it will be overridden by v19 that is in the gmod gcf. You will have to wait until the next gmod update comes out, or install the gmod beta from the SVN (this is easy if you know some svn basics).
Bad King Urgrain,
Nov 23, 2010, 3:52 AM