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Trouble in Terrorist Town v17

posted Oct 26, 2010, 12:44 PM by Bad King Urgrain
Version 17 comes with GMod update 106. Changes:

New features
  • C4 disarming (both success and failure) now shows up in the round report list of events.

  • Silenced Pistol accuracy and firing rate reduced slightly, while also reducing recoil.
  • Normal Pistol now fires a bit faster and with less recoil.

  • Fixed dead players showing in the list for credit transfer (though credits could not be sent).
  • Fixed message that notifies the player who received a credit.
  • Fixed spectators continuing to spectate a player after that player has died. You now go back to roaming/noclip mode as soon as your target dies.
  • Updated Newton Launcher icon to fit model change.

  • ttt_print_karma: admin command that prints the base karma (shown on scoreboard) and live karma (up-to-date with damage dealt during the current round) values as the server has them.

  • Prop possession for spectators is broken.
  • Servers may see the following error. It can be safely ignored until next version fixes it, it will not break anything: "Lua Error: ERROR: GAMEMODE:'NetworkIDValidated' Failed: (...)"

Both issues are fixed in the current SVN build of the game (rev. 550). In addition, a .zip version will be released tomorrow which will include the fixes.