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Trouble in Terrorist Town v16

posted Oct 20, 2010, 1:02 PM by Bad King Urgrain
Version 16 comes with GMod update 104. Changes:

New features
  • Decoy equipment for Traitors: shows a fake radar blip at its location, and redirects any DNA scans made on your DNA to that spot until it is destroyed.
  • C4 disarming has been replaced by a new system which involves cutting wires rather than spamming numbers.
  • Players can now give credits to other players who are also Traitor/Detective.

  • Silenced Pistol sound range has been reduced, ie. it's unhearable past a shorter distance (regardless of your volume).
  • Newton Launcher now also has a much lower sound range, and is more accurate.
  • C4 beeping is quieter at shorter timer settings.
  • Teleporter no longer kills the user when he tries to teleport into a prop, instead the teleport is prevented. By default, the same happens when a player is blocking the spot, unless a cvar is set (ttt_teleporter_telefrags 1).
  • Visualizer now drops and activates when its owner dies, so it will show the owner's death scene after a delay.
  • Traitors now start with 2 credits by default instead of 1.
  • Crowbar damage was reduced a tad.

  • Fixed the "alive?" radio command not working.
  • Fixed C4 pickup not working.
  • Fixed flaregunned corpses still being search-able while they burn.
  • Fixed players killed by the AFK check showing as MIA instead of Spectator.
  • Changed model on Newton Launcher to fix a glitch in the rocket launcher model that caused a muzzleflash when it was pulled out after buying it. The Teleporter no longer shows in people's hands for the same reason.
  • Visualizer no longer starts up the effects for a scene if the post-round phase has begun, so that they don't still show at the start of the next round.
  • Possible fixes for Visualizer effects showing as errors sometimes (can't reproduce).
  • Knife instant-kill indicators are now less confusing, more explicit about what they are.
  • Accuracy bonus while using iron sights is now reflected in the crosshair's spread.

  • Persistent Karma (enabled via ttt_karma_persist 1) of a player is now reset to 80% of the starting karma when the player is auto-banned for having low Karma.
  • Karma now increases slower when a player's karma is already higher than the starting amount, but still lower than the maximum. This makes it harder to reach max karma if the max is higher than the starting karma. See "ttt_karma_clean_half" in the readme if you want to customize this (it's on by default on a sensible setting).
  • Note: there are new graphics and sounds in this version, so make sure your FastDL is up to date if you use one.