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Trouble in Terrorist Town v110210

posted Feb 11, 2010, 12:43 PM by Bad King Urgrain
Changelog v110210:

- Fixed information leak about traitor status in player role list sent to client (ordering could be used to derive traitors, order is now random). Role list also no longer prints in console.

- Added Footstep Scanner. Equipment item for detectives. After buying, everyone will start to leave footsteps that fade over time. Only players who have the item can see the footsteps.

- Added Weapon Examiner. Equipment weapon for detectives. "Fire" at a weapon to see who has carried it.

- Experimental fix for rope entities breaking.

- Fixed C4 failing to deal through-wall damage to some players in certain specific situations.

- Made C4 more noticeable when a Detective who carries the Defuser is nearby (even when holding a different gun). It will beep louder (can be heard by all players) and give off a red flashing light.

- Added scoreboard icon indicating whether a body search result is present, coloured differently if it was a result found by a detective.

- Added admin-only console command ttt_highlight_admins 0/1 that toggles whether players see admins with a gold name.

- Added ttt_log_damage_for_console 0/1. Enable this to make ttt_print_damagelog print the damage log for the current round (RCON and SuperAdmins only). This can be a ton of data, which is why it's off by default.

- Added ttt_crazy_sparks clientside convar 0/1. Players can enable this to make bullets that hit a metal surface spark more extravagantly (so they can pretend they're playing FEAR). Probably hurts FPS if your PC is made out of wood. Defaults off.

Trouble in Terrorist Town v110210

Release notes:
- New icons for new equipment means fastdl will need refreshing.
- This release comes a bit earlier than planned (saturday) because of the traitor information leak bug. Hence there might be bugs and I may not have a chance to fix them until tomorrow evening.