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Trouble in Terrorist Town v11

posted Aug 24, 2010, 12:37 PM by Bad King Urgrain
Version 11 was released with GMod update 96, here's the detailed changelog:

- Fixed lastinv (used by certain weapon switching keys) not working for certain equipment, like the DNA Scanner and Teleporter, among other things.

- Fixed players who join as spectator during a round and then enable spec-only mode getting shown as "Missing in Action" instead of "Spectator".

- Detectives can now drop their DNA Scanner. I don't remember why I disabled this when I made them standard equipment for detectives. Maybe I had a good reason, we'll find out soon enough.

- Changed tutorial to use images as its pages. I updated the tutorial text a bit in the process. The old method used HTML in a browser panel, but the browser can't read from the gmod GCF, leading to issues since the inclusion in gmod.

- Removed "Help" tab from settings menu, people are better off reading it on the site (perhaps using Steam's browser).

- For mappers:
  • ttt_map_settings now has outputs that fire when the round starts/ends etc. FGD should get you started, I'll update the mapping guide soon.
  • ttt_weapon_check used players' feet position to determine if they were inside the brush, now it also checks the centre of their body. Should make it easier to use.