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Trouble in Terrorist Town v10-07-10

posted Jul 10, 2010, 11:57 AM by Bad King Urgrain
Version 10-07-'10:

- Body armor is now default equipment for Detectives, meaning they get it for free when the round starts.

- Body armor now reduces damage by 30% instead of 20%.

- "X changed his name to Y" messages are now filtered out of the chat for normal players, and highlighted for admins (who can take appropriate action).

- Fixed longstanding weirdness in how weapon damage got scaled (caused by certain gmod things not working as they should). This means:
  * Body armor now scales damage the proper amount, where before the reduction could be too low for body shots and too high for headshots.
  * Weapons now do exactly as much damage as they are set to do in their code, rather than slightly more. Custom weapons should have their damage increased by about 20% to compensate.
  * Default TTT weapons have already been adjusted to compensate.

- Tiny balance tweaks: UMP does a little more damage, M16 does a little more damage and fires a little faster.

- Grenades now use DT vars for networking. Should help with smoke grenades sometimes not creating smoke and other nade issues.

- Fixed corpse showing wrong "weapon" search result when killed by flare gun fire.

- Reconnecting during post/prep phases will no longer make the game forget you were traitor last round. Prevents traitors who reconnect after a round from having the same chance of becoming traitor again as those who were innocent, when their chance should be slightly lower.

- Some boring small things:
  * Idle time limit now never defaults to 0 even if not getting a time limit setting from the server.
  * A number of settings that were only synchronized to clients after a map load will now get synced every round start.
  * ttt_highlight_admins is now a proper convar instead of a command, easier to set in a .cfg.

Trouble in Terrorist Town 10-07-10