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Trouble in Terrorist Town v070210

posted Feb 7, 2010, 3:40 AM by Bad King Urgrain
Changelog for v070210:

- Fixed player roles not being reset when a new round starts in some cases, causing players to see others as detective/traitor even if they are not.

- Removed timeout on "eye reflections" now that only detectives can see them.

- Prevented scoreboard body search results received from a detective from being overwritten if you search the same corpse yourself.

- Made detective voicechat indicator and text chat name blue.

- Tweaked Karma indicator colour scheme.

- From v060210b:
  * Searching a body during the preparation phase now simpler, without meaningless traitor confirmation etc.
  * Teleporter can no longer be used after the round has ended, to prevent players teleporting across the round restart.

Trouble in Terrorist Town v070210