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Trouble in Terrorist Town v020210

posted Feb 2, 2010, 7:59 AM by Bad King Urgrain
Changelog for v020210:

- Fixed mapper-placed ammo boxes not dropping to the ground when they spawned.

- Server log will now contain who won the round when it ends.

- Fixed spectators not seeing possessed prop names.

- Voice is muted for a second around traitor selection. This should hopefully prevent an exploit where the fact that someone's voice indicator disappeared for a moment upon becoming traitor would reveal one's traitor/innocent-ness.

- Added Loyalists:
  * Some innocents get extra support from Terrorist HQ in the form of equipment credits and such. These select few are the Loyalists.
  * Everyone can see who is a Loyalist. They are high value targets for the traitors.
  * Traitors get a credit reward for killing a Loyalist, and vice versa. Both types can also find unused credits on each other's corpses.
  * When a Loyalist searches a corpse, the information is available for all players via the scoreboard (even if the death was already confirmed). If a Loyalist is the first to identify a corpse, he gets 3 points compared to a normal innocent's 1 point.
  * Loyalists can currently only buy a Radar and a Teleporter. More will be added in the future.
  * By default, there are 0 loyalists selected until a playercount of 10 is reached. From that point on, there are about half as many loyalists as there are traitors, rounded down. There are convars to control all this

- Renamed ttt_detective_mode to ttt_sherlock_mode in order to prevent confusion with loyalist/detective related convars.

Trouble in Terrorist Town v020210

Due to the scope of the modifications related to Loyalists, this release is a little more likely to have bugs than usual.