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Trouble in Terrorist Town v01-07-10

posted Jul 1, 2010, 1:46 PM by Bad King Urgrain   [ updated Jul 1, 2010, 1:48 PM ]
Version 01-07-'10:


- Experimental: locational/3D voicechat. Servers can enable this feature (recently added to gmod) with "ttt_locational_voice 1" (defaults to 0 for now). Voicechat indicators will fade according to distance. Traitor chat and spectator voicechat is never locational.

- Made Detectives not appear blue on Traitors' radars to make them a slightly harder target to find.


- Fixed flaregun still igniting/damaging after the round has ended even if post-round DM is off.

- Fixed rounds/time left indicators on scoreboard not matching the server's settings.

- Improved knife-in-corpse effects. Should get less of the random floating in the air, and knives are now properly deleted if corpse is destroyed.

- Improved networking of iron sights, may fix issues where it acts odd if you spend a long time sighting.

- Fixed lag compensation warning in crowbar.

- Fixed tutorial getting unnecessary scrollbars since gmod switched to webkit. Will probably only help new players, as gmod doesn't redownload files (that are not Lua scripts) if they are updated.

- Removed workaround for attacker dying if he's standing on victim's head. This issue has been fixed in gmod itself now.


- Custom weapons are now marked with a little "c" on their icon so players now they're server-specific.

- It's no longer necessary to modify ammo entities in order to make custom weapons work with ammo pickups, it all listens to SWEP.AmmoEnt now.

- Equipment items (like radar and armor) are now defined in a separate file and generally easier to mess around with.

Trouble in Terrorist Town 01-07-10