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Trouble in Terrorist Town v060210

posted Feb 6, 2010, 1:48 AM by Bad King Urgrain   [ updated Feb 6, 2010, 1:51 AM ]
Changelog for v060210:

- Equipment weapons dropped by traitors or detectives is no longer picked up when you are nearby, unless you press the USE key (ie. it's not automatic anymore).

- Changed Karma indicator colour scheme to be different from health.

- "Reflection" search result is only shown when detective searches the corpse. Other players can still see it on the scoreboard after a detective does this.

- Detectives now no longer get a credit reward for killing a traitor, but the entire Detective "team" is awarded a credit if one of them searches a traitor corpse that had not been searched by a detective before.

- Detective selection now makes players with low karma (below ttt_detective_karma_min) less likely to become detective (as if they were detective/traitor last round).

- Reduced Poltergeist punching-blast damage range (it was a bit huge), increased firing range to compensate.

- Fixed view being tilted if player is spawned on a (spawn script) spawnpoint that is tilted.

- Fixed teleporting player who dies while frozen (between initiating the teleport and the moment of teleportation) staying frozen as spectator.

- Changed some leftover loyalist mentions to detective.

- Cleaned up and overhauled code related to traitor/detective/innocent roles (including traitor/detective selection) and some other bits and bobs of client state. Negligible performance improvements.

- Added function to weapon placer STOOL to remove all existing weapon_* and item_* entities from the map.

Trouble in Terrorist Town v060210