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posted Mar 6, 2015, 11:05 AM by Bad King Urgrain
TTT 2015-03-02:
  • Added hook TTTPlayerUsedHealthStation (thanks Kamshak)
  • Added hook TTTBodyFound (thanks CallMePyro)
  • Added hook TTTEquipmentTabs (thanks VigiFyre)
  • Added Portuguese language (thanks comedhina)
  • TTT-specific HUD elements can now be disabled using the standard HUDShouldDraw hook (thanks meharryp)
  • Fixed name of speaking player not always updating if changed while speaking (thanks robotboy655)
  • Increased size of buy menu to reduce scrolling (thanks DarthTealc)
  • Fixed rare bug where gamemode could break during cleanup on certain maps (thanks Tommy228)
  • Fixed crowbar not making correct sound and decal on all materials (thanks TFlippy)
  • Fixed ttt_detective_karma_min not having any effect (thanks Joschasa)
  • Improved radar rendering performance, plus some other cleanup (thanks Kefta)