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posted Jun 22, 2014, 7:57 AM by Bad King Urgrain
TTT 2014-06-22:

  • Attribute vehicle kills (buggy driving over someone) to the driver of the vehicle.
  • Mark telefrag damage as being inflicted by the teleporter weapon.
  • Prevent a player's spectate mode enabling after they have just joined and are coincidentally picked as traitor (thanks Bo98)
  • Prevent inconsistencies when a player enters spectate mode due to their role being unnecessarily cleared (thanks Bo98)
  • Enabled lag compensation for the crowbar's secondary attack (thanks Bo98)
  • Additional resetting of a player's view angles after they have possessed a prop and then spectate a player (thanks Bo98)
  • Additional robustness in communicating player roles to clients (thanks Bo98)
  • Ignore chat containing sentences prefixed by typical admin command characters (such as ! or @) from being stored as a player's last words (thanks DarthTealc)

Most of the following contributed fixes were already available via a GMod release I believe, just not listed in this changelog yet:
  • Traitor weapons can now set "Avoidable" to true indicate that traitors who get killed by that weapon should be blamed for their own death, much like C4 (thanks YMIndustries)
  • Fixed "beam down" part of teleport effect not being shown (thanks robotboy655)