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posted Jan 12, 2014, 8:32 AM by Bad King Urgrain
TTT 2014-01-12:
  • Added TTTCheckForWin hook, for overriding win conditions.
  • Added TTTPlayerSpeed hook, for modifying the default movement speed (thanks wyozi)
  • The TTTDelayRoundStartForVote hook can now return a second value in the form of the number of seconds to delay (thanks wyozi)
  • Fixed scoreboard scrollbar covering the mute button (thanks MyHatStinks)
  • Converted all uses of usermessages to the net library (thanks HandsomeMatt)
  • Tweaked spawnpoints in CS:S rearm scripts to prevent players spawning inside geometry or locked off sections of the map (thanks BadgerCode and robotboy655)
  • Removed obsolete sv_tags usage, as it has been removed from gmod (thanks HandsomeMatt)
  • Fixed Lua error when C4 is disarmed because it was moved/teleported (thanks HandsomeMatt)
  • Changed English language strings to use gender-neutral pronouns (thanks HandsomeMatt)
  • HUD rendering code now uses standard gmod hooks HUDDrawTargetID and HUDDrawPickupHistory, for easier customization (thanks MyHatStinks)

The Hooks page has been updated with the new/modified hooks.